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St. Louis Business Partners

We have partnered with several very generous and supportive St. Louis Businesses. These companies are supporting us on a daily basis by providing items that are expensive and not easy to get.  We are extremely grateful to our partners because without their generosity and kindness we would not be able to provide these items to the immigrants.     


Craftsmen Utility Trailers

Craftsmen Cares is a Non-Profit Foundation funded by the employees and owners of Craftsmen Utility Trailers. Craftsmen Cares is donating new washers and dryers for families starting their lives in St. Louis. The washers and dryers are purchased from Home Depot. Craftsmen pays for delivery and setup and removal of old appliances. As of June 2022 They have donated 6 sets of washers and dryers! 

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Dave Sinclair Car Dealerships

HumanKIND STL has partnered with Dave Sinclair car dealerships to purchase cars for $5,000.  Matt Birkenmeier at John Sinclair Nissan in Cape Girardeau calls HumanKIND STL when he has a trade-in that is reliable. HumanKIND STL purchases the car for $5,000 and it is titled in the immigrants name. This is so helpful because reliable, affordable cars are so difficult to find. The immigrants trust us and we trust Dave Sinclair. This is an amazing partnership! St. Louis public transportation makes it very difficult for our immigrants to get to and from work. Most of them bike anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes to get to/from work. Getting a car is life-changing for our families!

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